Atomic Disaster

       One decision, made by Franklin Roosevelt’s successor, Harry Truman, changed our world as we know it.  Truman was told to decide whether or not to drop an atomic bomb on Japan, and I believe he made the wrong choice.  In order to end the war, he decided to drop the bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, and another bomb on Nagasaki three days later.  The effects of that decision were long-term and horrible to our society as a whole.  Dropping the bomb was a fatal mistake, because of the deaths of innocent people, harmful effects of radiation, and risk of the atomic bomb getting into the grasp of the wrong hands.  All of those effects, all to end one war.  That is just sickening.

       First, dropping the two atomic bombs may have ended the war, but I do not think it was worth it to kill so many people in the process.  About 11,000 innocent, Japanese civilians died instantly from this horrible event.  Truman could have thought of a better way to end the war, a way that did not involve the death of so many innocent, Japanese citizens.  It was not those innocent people that bombed Pearl Harbor, they were just innocent bystanders.  Bystanders who may have relatives in the United States.  To think the United States inflicted such misery on thousands of people, is just despicable.

       Second, the instant death of thousands of people was not the only effect of dropping the bombs.  The radiation caused cancer and birth defects.  Diseases were being spread because of the bombs, diseases that could have easily been avoided.  If President Truman had not dropped the bomb many people could have been saved from the radiation’s harmful effects.  Too many innocent people get cancer as it is, using a weapon that causes even more cancer is just horrible.  I find it horrifying that we even considered using this weapon.

       Lastly, using the atomic bomb eventually led to many other countries developing it, too.  Up to this day, other countries, including the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea have gotten their hands on an atomic bomb.  It is scary to think how many counties have the atomic bomb today.  If the bomb gets into the wrong hands, our world could be wiped out forever.  If Truman had not dropped the bomb, it is hard to determine whether or not other countries would have gotten their hands on the weapon.  Either way, it was not worth the risk of other countries using the bomb to destroy the entire world.

       Harry Truman’s decision truly changed our world forever, but change is not always good.  Truman may have ended the war, but he also ended countless, innocent lives in the process.  I do not agree with his decision to drop two bombs, one on Hiroshima and the other on Nagasaki, because of the effects it caused, including instant deaths, long-term effects of radiation, and the risk of other countries using the bomb to destroy the world.  Desperate times call for desperate measures?  This was not desperate, this was the easy way out.

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