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Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

Adolf Hitler: A Steep Price to Pay

       Adolf Hitler, born on April 20, 1889, was known mostly for his part in World War II.  Many people think they know the entire story, but as we all know, his life did not start with  World War II.  It started as a young boy who could not make friends.  A young boy who was always unhappy, always alone.  A young boy who may have dreamed too big.  Although that may seem great, just like everything, dreaming big had a price.  And Hitler payed it over and over and over again.  The price was failure.  With such high hopes for everything, Hitler began to lose more and more.  And those losses caused devastation and anger.  His father wanted him to be in government, but he had a different dream.  His dream was to be an artist.  Hitler was able to pursue that dream, after his father died in 1903.  When Hitler was 16, he dropped out of school and began expressing his dream.  He attempted to accept admission into the Arts Academy in Austria.  Sadly, he did not qualify the standards to get it.

       Hitler was Austrian, but nevertheless, he considered himself German.  He studied German literature and expressed their culture even more by moving there in 1912.  Two years later, the first World War began.  Wanting to defend “his” country, Hitler joined the army and fought the battles.  Hitler was temporarily blinded by poisonous gas during the war.  Not long after, Hitler received the Iron Cross medal for bravery in World War I.  Hitler was humiliated after the defeat of Germany in World War I.  More specifically, the Treaty of Versailles.  He blamed the Allies, communists, intellectuals, and especially Jews.  Hitler thought the Allies lost the war because of the collapse of the home front.  After the war, hard times began in Germany.  Inflation went up, and consumers needed sacks of money to purchase items.  Germany wanted a way out, and Hitler was the way to do that.  He offered something the country desperately needed: hope.

       Hitler took control of Germany, and as a spokesperson of the National Socialist German Workers’ party, planned revenge on Jews.  Hitler planned to restructure Germany on a racist basis and win wars to give Germany “living space” and dominate the globe.  Hitler began his plan, but had trouble dominating Czechoslovakia.  He attended the Munich conference to discuss the matter.  Hitler later stated that his decisions and agreements at the conference were his biggest mistakes.  Later, Hitler had trouble persuading Poland to accept that Germany had taken over the country.  After conquering Poland, Hitler turned West.  He planned to attack in 1939, but bad weather would have lessened the use of air force.  As a result, Hitler waited until the weather cleared up.  Between Fall of 1939 and Spring of 1940, Hitler decided to seize Norway to facilitate the navy’s access to the North Atlantic.  He proceeded this plan in Spring of 1940.  Meanwhile, Hitler attempted to cut off Allied units coming to aid Belgians and Dutch.  He broke through French defenses and reached the English Channel within ten days.

       Hitler had more trouble not long after, when Britain would not accept defeat.  Hitler used three methods at once to “knock it out” of the war.  First, German Air Force destroyed Britain’s capacity to defend itself.  Second, Hitler would send troops to invade the country if it did not surrender.  Lastly, Hitler expected a quick victory against Soviet Union, causing Britain to lose a source of aid.  Hitler then requested help from Japan, and, in return, promised to fight United States if stated necessary by Tokyo.  On June 22, 1941, Hitler had a good start at the invasion of Soviet Union.  However, his intuitional offensive attacks had no effect on the country’s defense.  Hitler was not sure if he should surrender.  At the same time, Hitler saw increasing danger from Western Allies.  Battle of Bulge allowed Hitler to move German troops East, like he had wanted all along.

      Hitler became very worried as the Allies closed in on him.  Hitler thought back to his reasoning for Germany’s loss in World War I.  He remembered how he thought the collapse of the home front caused the end of the war.  To avoid that happening again, Hitler planned to kill all Jews.  Eventually, Hitler married his mistress and committed suicide with her on April 30, 1945.  His devastation and anger won out, and that was his greatest downfall.  Dreaming big gave him too high of hopes, and eventually, the price became more than he could handle.

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